Coffee Subscription Services on the Rise

Who doesn’t love a fresh cup o’Joe?!  For most early risers, nothing beats waking up in the morning with a fresh brew of coffee beans for a jump start to the day. During the COVID-19 shutdowns, many have had to scale back or even completely eliminate those early mornings and midday coffee runs to their favorite shop. Others have discovered that the same convenience and appeal of subscription services for many other things in life have now also made their way to the coffee business, and many have been taking advantage. 

According to reports, coffee subscription services have increased during the pandemic and quarantine. People not only are craving new flavors and blends, but they like the element of surprise in getting something new to try and also the ability to control when and how much they received and shipped right to their doorstep – no mask, gloves or public contact needed. 

Some of the fun theme coffee subscription services today include brews from around the world, brews aged in whiskey and bourbon barrels for a unique flavor, and even those that contribute profits to organizations like animal rescues and shelters. 

Subscription services are for far more than music streaming and movies today. People are signing up monthly curated boxes with fashion inside, food, snacks, and even automobile subscriptions. If you’re a company offering subscription services, be sure you have a billing platform that works for you. Subscription DNA provides reporting, billing and even communications tools to help your business succeed. 

Is It Time to Re Invent Your Subscription Business?

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According to a recent report compiled by Zuoara, a subscription software company, the subscription industry is currently stable. Even though this may sound comforting, it’s important to remember that this is still very much a time of uncertainty. This is a time when anything can happen: like the swings of the stock market, the subscription industry can either sore or plummet tomorrow. 

We already offered some strategies subscription companies can use to gain and retain customers, but today we wanted to take a different approach. If you’re in an industry that is struggling, then have you considered starting completely fresh? We are not suggesting that you abandon your brand; rather, ask yourself if it could be reinvented? 

Put a Unique Spin On What You Already Know

If you already have experience starting a subscription based company, then why not consider jumping into a market that is stable? For example, streaming resources can be quite valuable. If you’re in the travel industry, consider creating a streaming platform that travelers can appreciate. This could be shows where hosts travel the globe (a la Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, except in the travel niche). 

Are you in the event industry? What if you tried selling reoccurring merchandise online? Whether it’s speakers, artists, or influences, the fact remains that you already know who’s trending, right? So, capitalize on it! If you don’t think there’s a market for it, then think again. Companies like Loot Crate have shown us that people enjoy all sorts of unique collectibles.

Don’t give up. This pandemic will pass in time. Stay safe, healthy and creative!

3 Reasons All Ecommerce Stores Should Offer Subscriptions

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Ecommerce is becoming more and more essential. While giants like Amazon and Walmart make certain markets quite competitive, there is 1 best practice that no ecommerce business should ignore: the subscription offer. Amazon calls it “subscribe and save,” which makes sense. Why? Because customers are given a discount if they commit to repeat orders. If you don’t think you can find room in your price margins to offer such a discount, then crunch the numbers again until you do; or better yet, listen to why you must make room for this powerful and effective business strategy.

It Maximizes Customer Retention

To really retain customers, you have to have a killer product that people will want to buy again and again. Once you’ve got that down, then it’s best to put re orders on autopilot with subscription offerings. When you’re able to put your product on set and forget it status, you’ll get a more consistent revenue stream. 

It Makes Inventory Management Much Easier

When you know how much product you’re going to sell ahead of time, you won’t have to worry about over or under-stocking. If you know for sure that you’ll need at least 100 of the same items a month, it makes you quite valuable to the manufacturer. If you’re able to place consistent orders, you may even be able to get a discount as well. 

It Increases Your Return On Marketing Spend

It doesn’t matter if your customers are getting to your site through SEO, PPC, Social Media, or Emails–marketing costs money. Without an auto-stock option, someone may click onan ad, buy 1 product, and then not return; however, if they do sign up for “subscribe and save,” your margins get better: 1 purchase turned into 3 more consecutive purchases makes certain marketing channels super lucrative. As long as you are tracking conversions properly, you should be able to see the change in ROI quickly. 

Implement Subscription Billing With Subscription DNA

Compatible with most CMS’s and frameworks, Subscription DNA makes subscription billing easy. Visit our site or contact us to learn more

3 Reasons Cloud-based Billing is Perfect for Small Businesses in 2020

If there’s one thing all small business owners and entrepreneurs can agree on, it’s that time is important and being crafty to achieve efficiency is critical. With so many moving parts, it can be difficult to get everything needed done in one day. Limited resources also create a need to choose solutions that serve more than one purpose.

When it comes to getting paid for what you provide, nothing is more critical than the type of billing and invoicing software you use.

Modern businesses are online. They meeting customers on the channels they prefer and they’re creating a presence on social platforms. It only makes sense then, that they will bill customers online too. If you’re a small business in 2020, you need cloud-based billing.

Here are 3 reasons why.

Get Paid On Time

Time is money and getting paid is a critical part of being able to pay your own overhead, employees, bills and other expenses. Not only is paper billing time consuming it’s also hard to keep track of and delays the time you’ll get paid. With automated, online billing you’re more likely to get your customers to pay you on time and quickly.

Save Money

There are so many ways the cloud can save businesses money. Much of the costs saved through automation are translated into funds you can keep and use elsewhere. Employees won’t need to spend time working on invoices manually for example, and no need for additional IT staff to manage and update the solutions in-house also means cost savings.

Stay Secure

Security is on the minds of everyone today. If you want to protect your business data, it is far more secure to have that data in the cloud offsite than in-house stored on a local server. This can stop hackers and phishing scams from leading to bigger threats or breaches. If you want to remain reputable, put your customer’s data privacy first.

Subscription DNA provides a robust billing platform that cloud-based and makes invoicing, billing and receiving payments from your customers easy and hassle-free. Our packages start at $99 per month and are perfect for start-ups, small businesses, and growing businesses.

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Report: Telecom Cloud Billing Market to Surpass $10B by 2024

Cloud billing is a beneficial solution for any industry or business that needs to process invoice or bill clients. Not only does it save significantly on the cost to maintain or process the payments manually and in house, but there are also a plethora of advanced features made available to users- even start-ups that they likely wouldn’t have access to with traditional billing platforms.

In telecom, where the return on investment is critical and new communications technologies continue to emerge, it is especially critical that providers have a billing solution customers agree with and providers can utilize.

One recent report, “Global Telecom Cloud Billing Market 2020-2025” predicts that optimistic growth in the market will allow the market size to grow to $10490.0M by 2024.

Benefits that have helped the market to maintain growth over the last four years despite other market downturns include the ability to lower operational and administration costs and well as growing mobile subscriber rates and the increasing need for real-time billing and bundled services.

According to the report, the Telecom Cloud Billing market maintained an average annual growth rate of 0.154221197949 from $1545.0M in 2014 to $3165.0M in 2019.

Upcoming expansion in the market will be seen in areas such as the APAC region as the very large population in the area will see subscriber bases grow across telecom companies.

If you’re looking for a simplified way to do cloud billing for your business, we can help. Subscription DNA offers a powerful SaaS platform that can easily integrate subscription billing for you as well as offer you robust subscription management, paywalls, and authentication features.