With the impact of the coronavirus and the forced shutdowns that occurred across the globe, many necessary businesses and services have found new ways to get things done. This includes remote workforces and even online gatherings. Many religious gatherings continued to happen despite state mandates to shut down their physical locations. A surge in the number of people attending church services online was also a result. 

One important element for church services is the act of Tithing. Service offerings and dues paid to these establishments help with everything from keeping the lights on to outreach efforts for those in need – and more. So letting the payment side of church service go unfunded during the pandemic wasn’t an option. 

Some churches turned to payment apps where online users could send money to dedicated accounts instead of their traditional Sunday envelopes. Others invested in technologies to make tithing possible via their own websites and online applications. 

These capabilities make donating seamless and easy to do – further increasing the chances that offerings will be made. 

The same benefits that monthly product and service providers find with subscription services can also be offered to churches. 

Subscription DNA provides a powerful SaaS platform for accepting payments and donations and makes it easy for administrators to set up online paywalls, send out group emails, and so much more.

Accept payments from credit cards, checking accounts, PayPal, and other methods people are using today. 

The best part, Subscription DNA is also PCI-DSS compliant and uses secure encryption so your members don’t have to worry about the security of their payment.


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