Intuitive membership management and robust reporting is an integral facet of Subscription DNA’s subscription management software.

Free or Paid User Registration

Great for websites, online magazines, non-profits, and much, much, more, Subscription DNA’s membership management software allows you to quickly capture vital user information along with your custom fields for membership, event registration, sweepstakes, small, large or enterprise groups, licenses or seats.

Robust Membership Management Software

Our software lets you manage and support your customer through their entire lifecycle. Work with subscribers and their subscriptions easily from multiple perspectives. Easily drill down to a filtered group result set or individual record. Generate filtered reporting results and export result data sets to common formats.

CRM Notes and Reminders

Keep notes and set reminders about general items or assign to specific users. Use these notes to keep organized and in synchronization with future action identifiers.  You can broadcast your notes to users, groups, or filtered results to the member home screen or keep for internal use only.

Secure Subscriber Portal

Our job is to simplify yours. We include a secure subscriber portal that allows your members to self-serve functionality for managing their own subscriptions, account profile, payment methods, transaction history, and more.  For a more common and advanced implementation, our web services API allows you to quickly develop your own solution and push/pull your subscriber data on demand, into your application.  We have PHP Sample code to help you quickly have a functional working model.

Subscriber Groups

Subscription DNA subscription management software gives you the power to connect users into a subscriber group, and even assign a subscriber group owner to manage and/or pay for their members’ subscriptions. You can limit the number of seats available per group, provide additional features for group owners, and  much more.

Flexible Web Services API

Easily integrate using a variety of included tools and widgets. For more advanced integration, use our expansive flexible REST or SOAP Subscription API to hook into your own routines or custom interface.

Assign Support Administrators

Our subscription management tools allow you to assign co-administrators or sub-administrators along with various rights to access specific portal functions or limit to working with specific clients only.

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