Easily set up paywalls or restrict access to premium, members-only content with our versatile paywall & multi-channel content management software.

Flexible and Easy To Use Platform

DNA paywall software and premium content management features support a variety of paywall models that you can use to customize your customer’s experience. Whether you’re looking to monetize a blog, provide privileged content access to members, or anything else, Subscription DNA is the way to go.

Build Subscription Signup Forms

DNA’s SaaS platform supports free or paid package selection, multiple service ordering, promotional codes, gift subscriptions, special campaigns and much more.

Protect Content

DNA integrates subscription status to not only validate login, but also their current subscription status. We offer layers of preventative sharing techniques such as allowing only one user session at a time in the same account, optionally monitor different devices, account lockout after so many failed logins, protecting access to direct urls requiring authentication, and more.

Subscription Check

Tools allow you to check subscription status allow access to active subscriptions. We also offer a Grace Period option to allow continued access during the billing failure retries.

Secure Subscriber Account

Our job is to simplify yours. We include a secure subscriber portal that allows your members to self-serve functionality for managing their own subscriptions, account profile, payment methods, transaction history, and more. For advanced implementation, our web services API allows you to quickly develop your own solution and push/pull your subscriber data on demand, into your application.

Integrate Easily With WordPress

Our WordPress Paywall Plugin is designed to make the installation process painless. If you’ve got a WordPress website, then be sure to utilize our plugin.

Group Support

We support groups and group members. Group members can subscribe and be assigned into that group. Group owners optionally gain access to manage their group members.

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