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How can Subscription DNA® help my business?

We completely streamline your member and subscription billing model and provide a suite of tools for your management.  There is nothing to install or maintain on your machine in our cloud-based platform. Looking for a paywall and authentication to your premium content. It all works together beautifully.

DNA automates the billing, in both simple and the most complex scenarios.  It keeps payments tied to subscription statuses and then reports and filters all of that data in an easy to use display.  From users, groups and subscriptions to rebilling, transactions and logs to communications tools and auto-responders – we know subscription billing inside and out.

Our SaaS model is PCI Compliant, working hard for you and continuing to evolve with fresh ideas, personal support and an expanding feature set.  We’re a small and growing team that has really put experience to work.

We just need billing automation. Are you the right fit?

Yes of course! Whether you offer premium content or not, the billing platform is at the core of our solution. We offer recurring, on-demand or any future billing and can have it setup in minutes. With extremely flexible options, DNA greatly extends the payment gateways internal and primitive reporting and provides an entire suite of tools. You have the option of allowing your customers to self-serve their accounts from your site or not.

How much does Subscription DNA® cost?

We offer both flat rate and % payment options starting at $99/month.   Our standard tier is $199/month for up to 350 users.  We’ve found if you’re a startup either testing the waters, or perhaps offer a subscription service under $15/m, our alternate % per transaction becomes a much more attractive payment arrangement.  That leaves your payment based on your signup performance.  Either way, the idea is we grow as you grow. Contact us today for your free demo or just to brainstorm.

How do we migrate from our existing solution to DNA?

We work with you closely to help organize and manage the import of your existing subscriber data in whatever format you provide.  We will also help coordinate a strategy on the best approach for going live.

Is our data safe and protected?

Your subscriber data is encrypted and safe.  The administrative console is served via SSL and encrypted.  We maintain PCI Compliance and strictly work with gateways using tokenization – meaning we DO NOT store credit card numbers on our servers.  That secure payment information is kept at the payment gateway.  Authenticated clients can export and download their member and reporting data at any time. Subscription DNA® will NEVER intentionally share or misuse client data.

What are the requirements?

You’ll want to secure an SSL Certificate for encrypting the signup, login and member screens.

Any payment processing will require a payment gateway with your merchant services to process the online transactions. We are integrated with the most popular payment gateways supporting tokenization such as,, BrainTree, Cybersource, FirstData, BeanStream, Paypal Pro, and more.

Do you integrate with 3rd party APIs?

We have base integration hooks into SalesForce, Zapier, Moodle and others. We offer plugin modules for CMS tools such as Joomla and WordPress. We additionally have connections to popular email list vendors such as Constant Contact, AWeber, iContact and MailChimp.

We often implement hooks and custom integrations for other vendors as needed.

How simple or complex is the integration of your service? How long does it normally take?

Integration can be as simple or complex as you need it to be – meaning, as you further customize your subscriber’s experience, more programming integration time and skills may be required. A simple integration which requires basic experience can take as little as 3-5 days.

More complex integration will take longer, perhaps weeks as you wish to build a complete custom interface using our flexible API. We admit we’ve have had very successful clients with large subscriber bases that have taken several months to fully integrate and test before deploying – a testament to the power of our platform.

Can Subscription DNA® be used for a print publication? How about my bricks and mortal retail location?

Absolutely. The real beauty of Subscription DNA® is the flexibility and modular structure.   It makes Subscription DNA the right choice for so many models.

From veterinary hospitals to fitness gymnasiums to recycling companies, we work with many retail businesses that utilize a recurring model.

We want our users to stay on our site. Is this possible?

That is standard. We strongly encourage and routinely help businesses quickly integrate with your site using SOAP or RESTful API’s and sample code. You continue to manage your content on your site as you already do.  We implement the paywall signup, login, and authenticate subscriptions to your premium content.  We also build custom solutions for special needs.

Can we request enhancement customization or integration help?

Yes. We come from a design and development background, and regularly provide both hands-on help with some and technical integration help with developers.  We are very flexible and customization requests are considered and implemented often.  We have built numerous modules, some of which have been implemented as system wide features.

We also encourage the safe development of third-party plugin apps to interface with our API.