Improve Customer Loyalty.

Streamline Essential Business Practices.

Customization on Your Terms.

Our Focus

Improve Customer Loyalty

It is easy in today’s online services industry to become entrenched in finding ways to reduce operational costs. It is imperative, however, that you maintain high customer satisfaction without sacrificing your bottom line.

Subscription DNA® is driven by the customer to business relationship. Increasing customer loyalty through high customer satisfaction is the life blood of any company offering online services. Subscription DNA® will maintain customer accounts through an automated API that delivers information on-demand. Customers can easily access account billing, expiration and renewal information, account profiles, payment methods, transaction history, and more.

Subscription DNA® strengthens the connection with your customers by offering the vital customization they expect and the powerful tools you need to help streamline your internal operations. Subscription DNA® offers an industry leading interface that will allow you to customize virtually every aspect of your customer management process to your specific business needs. Everything from branded customer portals and email blasts to a comprehensive statistic tracking system and user group management.

I highly recommend your exceptional team for any size project. The quality of service provided to us along with true customer care is hard to find!

Streamline Essential Business Practices

Businesses that obtain a majority of their revenue through online subscriptions undoubtedly understand the tremendous task of managing and maintaining premium services to your customers while balancing the costs of customer support. It is necessary to have a way to maintain operational efficiency and still provide the highest quality of service available. Subscription DNA® is simply the best application available for fine tuning your administration operations.

With Subscription DNA® it is easy to reduce wasted time and energy on account management. Through our innovative business portal, Subscription DNA® allows you the flexibility to:

  • Quickly capture vital user information to help classify users into virtually any market segmentation or configuration.
  • Assign or restrict administration access to account managers based on any customer segmentation you choose.
  • Set administrative account reminders to help monitor customer accounts.
  • Drive profitability by focusing effort on customer relationships and services instead of wasting time and energy on ways to manage them.
  • Send notifications to individual users or any custom segmentation of users.

Subscription DNA® incorporates comprehensive tools to help you reduce administrative expenses associated with member management, such as:

  • Customizable security settings
  • Access to adjust user privileges on-the-fly
  • Adaptability to your current web environment regardless of the existing architecture
  • Instant report generation in PDF, Excel or XML formats
  • Automated billing processes
  • Ready-made billing templates and schedules to allow for painless implementation and integration
  • And much, much more.

Subscription DNA® has a tiered, intelligent payment structure that is specifically designed to be affordable for businesses of any size. A sales representative will be happy to tailor a plan that is specific to your business needs and will ensure that you will experience a significant return on your investment.

Customization on Your Terms

Nobody knows your business better than you. To ensure we meet what you and your customers require, we had to make the most flexible, customizable, secure and scalable subscription environment available in the market today. Subscription DNA® was designed as a solution to bottlenecks associated with the administration and implementation of often complex member management systems.

By implementing modern standards, we are able to achieve a powerful, dynamic, scalable application that not only provides functionality and customization that you require but also the security and piece of mind your customers demand.

Subscription DNA® is the ideal billing application for industries such as:

  • Education
  • Telecommunications
  • IPTV
  • Broadcast
  • Media
  • Publication and Print Distributors
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming & Software License Businesses
  • And even small or growing Member Subscription Businesses
Subscription DNA® can handle any size enrollment for any kind of subscription based business. It is simply the best available.