Subscription DNA’s powerful automated payment software makes it a recurring billing platform unlike any other you’ve seen.

Tokenization and PCI Compliance

We support major payment gateways exclusively using tokenization security and do not store any sensitive card data. This alleviates a number of levels of PCI Compliance, while allowing DNA to trigger when and how much to bill.

Multi-Period Recurring Billing

Set rebilling periods so that you can charge one rate recurring for 12 months, then a better rate after 12 months as a subscriber benefit. You select how many periods and the number of times that period should recur.

Virtual Terminal and One-Time Payments

Tie your shopping cart checkout to DNA or process one-time payments, and pass custom order descriptions through to the built-in Virtual Terminal.

On-Demand Custom Cost

You can set a base rate, and allow that rate to be updated dynamically or internally to tell the system how much the user should be billed on their next cycle.

On-Demand Custom Frequency

You can select daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, even down to minutes or have no frequency. You can even send a payment trigger from 3rd party software.

Rebilling Failures Retry Scheduling

Automated recurring billing naturally has failing rebilling attempts. Subscription DNA will retry failed attempts up to 5 times with on your schedule.

Batch Multiple Transactions

Users may have multiple simultaneous subscriptions. Any subscriptions renewing on the same day can be consolidated into a common transaction.

Credit Cards and Other Payment Methods

Subscription DNA’s automated payment system supports a wide variety of payment methods from credit cards, cash/check/purchase order, and Paypal.


Allow your customers to submit their donation payments, tithe or other fundraising. Users can setup and manage their own donation schedule, control the amount and frequency.

Setup Fees, Tax and VAT

Optionally add a setup fee, and/or optional tax values to the initial transaction.

Delayed Billing

Optionally delay the initial billing start date to a future time.

Promo Codes

Build flat rate, per transaction and other promotional code discounts. Set rules and conditions to automate promo code validation.


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