Subscription DNA’s effective email automation software features tools for drip marketing, communications, and membership management to enhance on and off-line communities.

Customizable Email Auto-Responders

There are rules and conditions for delivering auto-responders – pre-defined emails that are delivered automatically to users as confirmations. Each responder can be customized with your HTML along with variables that are dynamically populated – replacing with data specific to each user. Get creative and use conditions for more complex messaging.

Email Templates

DNA’s communication management software features preset HTML email templates that you can use and re-use for scheduled email delivery making your work more efficient.

Schedule Future Email

You can create email blasts to targeted subscriber groups, and use optional variables to personalize each email. Send your email blast to the filtered audience immediately or at a future date and time.

Notes and Reminders

You can create notes and reminders that can be displayed on your customer’s dashboard specific to a user, group of users, or other targeted results. This mini-CRM helps you keep valuable information that can be shown about that user at a future time when needed. You can also use our API to communicate messages to the user or user group directly on their member dashboard.

Drip Campaign Software

With our add-on drip marketing campaign module, you’re enabled to create a series of sequential emails on a schedule relative to their subscription anniversary. You control and configure the emails and the filtered audience, frequency or schedule. Great for retaining old members and nurturing new leads – whatever you need, Subscription DNA can handle.

Scheduled Automatic Invoicing

You can schedule invoices to be sent to non-recurring subscriptions in addition to or replacing the standard expiration notifications. Invoices allow the subscriber to extend or renew on their own terms instead of the automated recurring billing options.

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