If you’ve been struggling to drive traffic to your eCommerce store, then you’re not alone. Nearly everyone who sells products online are competing in some way with giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. While this fact makes the competition in certain markets fierce, rest assured that it is still possible to drive traffic to your store without spending a fortune on ads. How? With SEO of course! If you’ve read anything about SEO, then you know there’s a lot too it. Even though this is true, optimizing eCommerce content is a lot easier than many people think. To improve your organic rankings, engagement, and conversions, create meaty product pages and solution-driven blog content.

Optimize Your Most Important Category and Product Pages

If you’ve got hundreds or thousands of product pages, you might be wondering where to even start. Here’s the answer: focus on the category pages that hold the most lucrative products. In general, traffic to your category pages are worth more. From an SEO perspective, your category pages should be built to target more generic and general keywords. For example, if you sell cameras, then you would want to categorize them by general terms first. For instance, if you look at Best Buy, you’ll see that they have a master category page for camcorders, as well as a subcategory for action camcorders. This is smart because these are both very general keywords (“camcorders for sale” and “action camcorders for sale”) that most people will search for

Add Keyword Rich Copy to the Bottom of Important Category Pages

To get your category pages to rank higher in search, add keyword rich copy to the bottom. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that this is very common–because it works! Just check out the bottom of Best Buy’s main camcorder page



Now, with a tool like ahrefs or Search Console, we can see that this page is doing quite well for some important terms



Create Meaty & Informative Product Pages

Once you’ve optimized some key category pages, focus your attention on the most important product pages. For these pages, you want to make sure that they cover everything that someone would want to know about them. If you’re not sure what that is, then look at some products on Amazon. Notice how in-depth some of these pages are; to really get to the root of what people want to know, look at the questions section.


Check out this blender page for example



Take a look of what some people want to know


If you sell something similar, then it would be good to cover these technical specs, and to get specific with the types of foods this would work best for.

Create Blog Content That Solves Problems

People generally buy products to solve certain problems; therefore, to drive traffic to your site, create content that speaks to these problems. For example, if you sell mattresses, then with some basic keyword research, you’ll see that there’s a large demographic of buyers who have bad backs. Knowing this, identify specific products that would actually help soothe backache, and create content around it. For instance, you might write something like “3 Mattresses that Help Soothe Chronic Back Pain.” Who wouldn’t click on that?


There are a lot of ways to optimize your eCommerce store for organic success. If done right, these tips can yield some serious results. If concepts like keyword research and meta tags are foreign to you, then it may be best to consult SEO experts like Keyword Performance LLC. Good luck, and remember: increasing your traffic is possible, all it takes is the right strategy and a healthy amount of elbow grease!