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Steel on Steel

We’ve been doing news talk radio for several decades covering multiple formats and markets. Our online presence is a vital part of what really makes so relevant in today’s technical world.

After having very limited success using a combination of various other software solutions to handle our memberships and not really getting anywhere, we found Subscription DNA and Atlas Design + Technology. Their friendly experienced technical staff made the difference between just getting by and really thriving!

Our specific technical needs and the complexity of integration made other membership software technicians shrink back from the task. However, Kevin Coleman and his development team patiently addressed all of our concerns and exceeded our expectations for what was technologically possible within our budget!

We now have a fully automated and highly advanced membership solution that’s allowing for better subscriber retention and membership growth. We owe it all to Subscription DNA! Here’s to the future of a successful company with a very happy client!

Brad Grant, Member Services

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