COVID-19 has completely shifted the way we work and play. Everything we do from shopping to going to school and even conducting business meetings has changed now that social distancing has become the key focus. 

Subscription services have their place in all of this and it’s a good one. The services have seen an uptick during the pandemic as people are spending more time at home, consuming more media than before and even finding value in convenient, easy access to new products and services through the subscription model. 

Here’s a look at a few of the industries really seeing a boom. 

Video Subscription Services on the Rise

Research from Deloitte has found that the average American now pays for up to 4 different video subscription services for the month since the pandemic hit. While it’s tough to say if subscribers will stick around after things start opening back up and they are spending less time at home again, there are some trends already emerging.  The research found that most subscribers like streaming services with a range of different TV shows and movies available in the library and many are looking for live events and video game streaming options too. 

Retail Subscriptions Getting New Life 

The other type of subscription service doing well now is retail. Naturally, with stores shut down or operating with limited supplies on their shelves and smaller store capacity limits, many are finding it so much more convenient not only to shop online for goods but to subscribe to services that will automatically deliver retail items to their doorstep without having to remember to initiate the order each month. Many discounted rates and special offers have prompted consumers to try the subscription trend and the numbers are rising for service providers. 

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