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Cybersecurity has never been more important. As business rely more and more on computers, online networks, and technologies like cloud storage, the vulnerabilities increase, as does the likelihood of a devastating hack. Look no further than the recent rise in hacks on healthcare providers for proof.

While this trend is quite worrisome for the economy at large (especially for smaller businesses), it does present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who make a living in cybersecurity and managed IT services.

Increasing demand for cybersecurity is good news for managed IT companies, but it also presents some challenges—namely, how to scale and streamline service to accommodate new business.

Luckily, Subscription DNA can help.

What Is Subscription DNA?

A cloud billing and membership management platform that offers automated recurring billing, secure client portals, communications tools, drip marketing, and more Subscription DNA offers something for everyone.

Automated Recurring Billing

Subscription DNA’s flagship feature is its robust automated payment software.

Automatically bill your clients monthly (or with any other custom frequency), process one-time payments, integrate taxes and fees, batch multiple transactions, and more with cutting-edge security features like full tokenization and PCI compliance.

Membership Management Software

Subscription and Membership Management

Let your clients manage their own accounts, including billing and contact information, with secure member portals provided by Subscription DNA.

Other membership management and group enrollment tools include:

  • Registration tools
  • CRM notes and reminders
  • Flexible web services API
  • Group signup and settings
  • And more!

Communications Tools

Set up custom email templates, auto responders, schedule emails, deliver automated invoices, run drip marketing campaigns to grow your client base, and more with Subscription DNA’s versatile communications tools.

An illustration of a gold padlock.More about Security

It’s only logical that a managed IT company would be especially concerned with security when it comes to their billing service. (A cybersecurity company getting hacked really isn’t a good look.)

With Subscription DNA, you can rest assured: your subscriber data is encrypted and safe.

Our data is served via SSL and fully encrypted, and we maintain PCI Compliance and strictly work with gateways using tokenization. In other words, we never store credit card numbers on our servers.

What’s more, authenticated clients can export and download their member and reporting data at any time.

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