Running a property management business is tough work. Maintaining properties, keeping tenants happy and filling vacant units would be more than enough to fill a given day. Unfortunately, there’s still the small matter of collecting the rent.

Billing and collections are a major investment for any property management company. The more units managed, the bigger the job. This can make it difficult—or downright impossible—to scale a business effectively.

Good property management billing software can streamline the process and save countless hours and significant resources, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Looking for payment processing software for your property management business? Look no further than Subscription DNA.

What Subscription DNA Billing Software Can Do for Property Managers

Cloud-Based Recurring Billing & Payment Processing

The bread and butter of what Subscription DNA offers are cutting-edge cloud billing and recurring payment processing. Get your tenants billing information, and Subscription DNA will bill them automatically, every month.

No more check deposit runs, late checks, or any of the other headaches that property managers and landlords know all too well.

(Tenants like it too—it means they have to spend less money on postage stamps!)

Subscription DNA can also process one-time payments for things like late fees, service calls, security deposits, and more.

Other features include:

  • Secure encryption and PCI-DSS compliance
  • Rebilling Failures Retry Scheduling
  • On-Demand Custom Frequency
  • Setup Fees, Tax and VAT Support
  • Delayed Billing
  • And More

Membership Management

Batch your tenants into easy-to-manage groups based on property or other variables, keep notes and reminders for your tenants and members, and more.

Subscription DNA also lets you create secure subscriber portal that allows your members to manage their own subscriptions, account profiles, payment methods, transaction history, and more.

Membership management doesn’t get any easier!

Communications Tools

Create custom email responders, send regular email updates or emergency email alerts, set up auto responders, and more with Subscription DNA’s robust communications tools.

You can even help to improve occupancy rates with custom drip marketing campaigns targeting prior tenants and applicants.

Learn More about Property Management Billing with Subscription DNA

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