roll of vintage movie tickets

Early discoverers of MoviePass, the “all-you-can-eat” cinema subscription services, often wondered how long the sweet ride was going to last. In its earliest inception, subscribers to MoviePass paid a flat fee of $9.95 per month and were able to see as many movies as often as daily. For frequent cinema-goers, the deal seemed too good to be true.

Turns out it WAS too good to be true, as the subscription service’s three million subscribers are discovering.

Going forward, MoviePass subscribers will find that the standard plan will be $14.95 a month, and the service will begin putting limitations on what basic subscribers can see, with some blackouts on new, popular films. Subscribers will also be limited to three films per month. According to the company, the measure is being implemented to “drive attendance to smaller films and bolster the independent film community.” Snafus with the app prevented many moviegoers from using the service for some of the summer’s most popular hits, including Mission: Impossible—Fallout, leaving subscribers angry.

Whatever its woes, MoviePass is about to have more competition. Last month, cinema giant AMC debuted its Stubs A-List, which allows consumers to see up to three movies per week for about $20 a month. The service includes Imax and 3D films. Analysts wonder if this model can be sustainable, even with the higher price tag.

Experts believe that MoviePass’ troubles are due to 15 percent of its subscriber base, who are “super users” who see more than three movies per month. MoviePass pays full price for tickets from theaters, so the company has been hemorrhaging money. Another reason for its troubles is a more familiar woe: customer service.

“It seems to be the official end of company’s unlimited offer,” Daniel Loria, VP of content strategy and editorial director at Box Office Pro, an industry trends and data site, told Fortune. “The big issue for MoviePass is they haven’t gotten it right when it comes to customer service.”

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