A man sealing a package for his new subscription box club business.It’s been said that we’re living through the “subscription economy.” The old pay-per-product paradigm is giving way to a recurring, subscription based business model – think Netflix’s usurping of Blockbuster’s home-video throne, or Adobe’s move to offer their Creative suite through a subscription service over the cloud.

Nowhere is this trend more apparent, though, than with the surge in subscription box clubs. Customers pay a monthly subscription fee and receive specialized products in weekly or monthly packages. Everything from necessities like groceries and toiletries to luxuries like perfume, action figures, and wine is now available through a monthly subscription box club.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a great idea for a subscription box business now’s the time to strike while the iron is hot.

But you’ll need more than just a great idea to succeed in the subscription box business. You’ll need seed money, inventory, a marketing plan, a sleek online presence – and not least a good recurring payment management system. That’s where Subscription DNA comes in.  

Subscription DNA for Subscription Box Club Billing Management

Subscription DNA specializes in recurring cloud billing and membership management, two necessary tasks for any subscription box service.

With Subscriptions DNA’s recurring billing features, you can automatically bill club members to eliminate billing hassles and ensure a reliable revenue stream for your business. Other features include:Clip art depiction a book, a vinyl LP, and a podcast emblem in a cardboard box, suggesting a subscription box club service.

  • Multi-period recurring billing – set different rates for different billing schedules (like discounts for annual subscriptions versus monthly payments)
  • Custom rebilling failure retry scheduling and other dunning management features
  • Support for credit cards, cash, checks, purchase orders, and PayPal payments to give you the flexibility you need for the biggest customer base possible
  • Promo code support so you can incentivize new members
  • Regular PCI DSS Compliance scans to ensure the most up-to-date safety available

Subscription DNA’s membership management features let you nurture your customers through their entire membership cycle, from free trial to sign-up, renewal, and beyond. Other features include:

  • Communication tools like email responders, automatic group email management, drip marketing campaign software, and email templates
  • Subscriber group management support
  • Online registration portals
  • Paywall features and other content management

Custom API integration and compatibility with third-party systems like Joomla and WordPress make starting a breeze. To learn more about using Subscription DNA for your subscription box business, check out our FAQ and get in touch by filling out the form below.