How to Drive Organic Traffic to Your eCommerce Store

If you’ve been struggling to drive traffic to your eCommerce store, then you’re not alone. Nearly everyone who sells products online are competing in some way with giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. While this fact makes the competition in certain markets fierce, rest assured that it is still possible to drive traffic to your store without spending a fortune on ads. How? With SEO of course! If you’ve read anything about SEO, then you know there’s a lot too it. Even though this is true, optimizing eCommerce content is a lot easier than many people think. To improve your organic rankings, engagement, and conversions, create meaty product pages and solution-driven blog content.

Optimize Your Most Important Category and Product Pages

If you’ve got hundreds or thousands of product pages, you might be wondering where to even start. Here’s the answer: focus on the category pages that hold the most lucrative products. In general, traffic to your category pages are worth more. From an SEO perspective, your category pages should be built to target more generic and general keywords. For example, if you sell cameras, then you would want to categorize them by general terms first. For instance, if you look at Best Buy, you’ll see that they have a master category page for camcorders, as well as a subcategory for action camcorders. This is smart because these are both very general keywords (“camcorders for sale” and “action camcorders for sale”) that most people will search for

Add Keyword Rich Copy to the Bottom of Important Category Pages

To get your category pages to rank higher in search, add keyword rich copy to the bottom. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that this is very common–because it works! Just check out the bottom of Best Buy’s main camcorder page



Now, with a tool like ahrefs or Search Console, we can see that this page is doing quite well for some important terms



Create Meaty & Informative Product Pages

Once you’ve optimized some key category pages, focus your attention on the most important product pages. For these pages, you want to make sure that they cover everything that someone would want to know about them. If you’re not sure what that is, then look at some products on Amazon. Notice how in-depth some of these pages are; to really get to the root of what people want to know, look at the questions section.


Check out this blender page for example



Take a look of what some people want to know


If you sell something similar, then it would be good to cover these technical specs, and to get specific with the types of foods this would work best for.

Create Blog Content That Solves Problems

People generally buy products to solve certain problems; therefore, to drive traffic to your site, create content that speaks to these problems. For example, if you sell mattresses, then with some basic keyword research, you’ll see that there’s a large demographic of buyers who have bad backs. Knowing this, identify specific products that would actually help soothe backache, and create content around it. For instance, you might write something like “3 Mattresses that Help Soothe Chronic Back Pain.” Who wouldn’t click on that?


There are a lot of ways to optimize your eCommerce store for organic success. If done right, these tips can yield some serious results. If concepts like keyword research and meta tags are foreign to you, then it may be best to consult SEO experts like Keyword Performance LLC. Good luck, and remember: increasing your traffic is possible, all it takes is the right strategy and a healthy amount of elbow grease!  

Subscription Services Growing in the TV Sector

Over-the-Top (OTT) video which is better known by many as streaming video, is growing in popularity today. From Netflix to Hulu and even brands launching more personalized services like Disney +, there are so many reasons why this market continues to explode today.

Recent predictions from ABI Research show that subscription services and advertising will contribute to an increase in revenues for OTT video and growing it to over $200B by 2024.

In addition to the new brand TV services, there is also an aggressive push for more affordable pricing and package offerings that are fueling the uptick in this market. Even beyond the U.S., subscription video on demand is soaring.

In markets such as the Asia Pacific, the report found that services from iQIYI/Baidu, Tencent, Youku, and others are helping to make subscription TV services delivered over an Internet connection and part of a pay-for plan so popular.

With the internet and mobile technologies also advancing, this will only continue to bolster the market as well. 5G networks and next-gen OTT services offer greater speeds and security while improving latency and capacity to stream this type of content.

“Cord-cutting is often regarded as a consequence of expanding OTT consumption, but the market dynamics are more complex, particularly when one considers how the pay-TV industry has embraced OTT as a complement and value-additive, rather than strict competition. Over time, we expect the traditional pay-TV offer to continue to evolve and become indistinguishable from a pure OTT package of services,” said Michael Inouye, Principal Analyst at ABI Research.

“Increasingly, we’re seeing more solutions and conversations about bringing content and services together. This includes pay-TV and OTT bundles and extends to cross-platform advertising, analytics, and customer/service management. Ultimately it makes the market more accessible to a wider range of companies and expands the potential video touchpoints, particularly as new technologies like 5G, smart home, and Augmented/Virtual Reality play larger roles.”

Give Members Control with a Secure Subscriber Portal!

Subscription services give customers a convenient way to receive products they like without having to make individual purchases and transactions. They can simply sign up for a service, enter their payment and delivery information, then sit back and receive regular deliveries.

Sometimes customers need to update their billing or delivery information or want to change their subscription plans. Calling customer service can be a hassle, especially if members have to wait on hold. In today’s hectic world, many people simply don’t have the time or patience for that. They want to be able to make changes quickly on their own.

How Subscription DNA’s Secure Subscriber Portal Works

Subscription DNA offers a Secure Subscriber Portal that lets members manage their own accounts so they can make changes to the subscriptions they have chosen and update their payment methods and other information. Users can also view their transaction histories if they have questions about past orders.

If you have more advanced needs, we offer a web services API that you can use to develop your own solution. You will also be able to push and pull subscription data into your application as necessary. Our PHP Sample code can make it easy for you to quickly create a functional working model.

How Our Secure Subscriber Portal Can Benefit Your Business

In addition to providing convenience for members, our Secure Subscriber Portal can keep your company’s costs down. Instead of employing a large, full-time customer service staff, you will be able to have a leaner team and encourage members to resolve issues themselves online.

The money you save on salaries and benefits can be used to grow your business. The savings can also be passed on to members in the form of competitive prices. Customers who can get a bargain from your subscription service will be likely to choose it over others, which will help you grow your market share and improve your bottom line.

Make Things Easy for You and Your Customers

Consumers value convenience, and that is particularly true of customers who sign up for subscription services. They enjoy the ability to receive products they enjoy on a regular basis, without having to invest a lot of time making decisions and completing transactions.

Subscription DNA makes it simple for businesses to manage subscriptions by automating recurring payments. With our Secure Subscriber Portal, members can view and update their information easily at any time. That can create a positive experience for customers while keeping your company’s costs under control. Contact Subscription DNA today to learn more.

Understanding Subscription Billing and Cancellation Laws

Many businesses allow customers to sign up for subscriptions and to have their credit or debit cards automatically billed each month. Consumers often appreciate the convenience and simplicity of these programs, but problems can arise if companies don’t clearly disclose the terms upfront or fail to explain how customers can cancel their subscriptions.

How Some Companies Have Exploited Consumers

While most businesses that use a recurring billing model operate ethically, some have taken advantage of consumers. In some cases, companies didn’t clearly explain the terms of their billing agreements or it made it difficult for consumers to opt-out or cancel memberships. In other instances, businesses offered customers a free or low-cost trial to give them an opportunity to try the company’s product or service before committing to a membership, but then the companies automatically billed customers when the trial memberships ended without explaining that to customers when they signed up.

Legal Changes to Protect Consumers

Those sorts of practices prompted class action lawsuits and changes to both federal and state laws to help customers make informed decisions and avoid being confused, deceived, and exploited. The Federal Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act (ROSCA) prohibits businesses from making recurring charges simply because a customer didn’t opt out; a customer must explicitly opt-in. The terms of an agreement must be explained before a customer provides billing information, and a customer must be told how to cancel recurring charges.

Several states have passed their own laws that clearly explain what information about subscriptions must be disclosed to consumers, as well as when and how it must be disclosed. During the membership sign-up process, a business must prominently and conspicuously display a notice that explains the terms of the agreement in a way that is easy to understand. Some state laws require companies to make it easy for consumers to cancel trial memberships, while others require consumers to opt-in after a free trial ends before a company can bill a credit or debit card.

Get Professional Help Running a Subscription Service

Subscription billing is convenient for both businesses and consumers, but unfortunately, some companies have used unscrupulous practices to take advantage of customers, which led to a series of laws designed to protect consumers. If you want to use subscription billing, it’s important to understand and follow all applicable laws. Subscription DNA stays on top of legal changes and can help your company process automatic payments and comply with state and federal rules. Contact us today to learn more. 

Subscription Services Continue Upward Movement

For most consumers today, subscription services are quickly becoming the norm. Even for those who aren’t looking for monthly curated boxes, services like Amazon Prime, Spotify, and even InstaCart have made dedicating a monthly subscription fee to have convenience more of a norm than ever before.

One new report uncovered that the subscription economy has moved beyond just products and is also playing a key role in businesses. Here, access to services and digital tools are making it easier to increase productivity and for businesses of all sizes to compete in today’s landscape.

Still, the consumer side is also looking bright for subscription services. A survey conducted by Clutch uncovered that online shoppers today are taking advantage of subscription boxes from top brands with more than half of online shoppers surveyed for their research (54%) saying they already subscribe to a subscription box service. Benefits including a desire for convenience to new, fresh experiences are just some of the reasons why the subscription culture is thriving.

The top 3 subscription services for consumers according to their survey are:

  • Dollar Shave Club
  • Ipsy
  • Blue Apron

These companies ranked highly in terms of additional benefits offered to a consumer outside of just providing a monthly box of goodies. Things like regular replenishment, access to extra perks for being a subscription customer and curation benefits of new items to try – all ranked as the top reasons for their choice.

If you’re a business looking to get in on the subscription economy, trust Subscription DNA to help you save time, money and make the transition an easy one. Our enterprise cloud billing and membership management software means you can automate the recurring billing process and gain access to administrative tools you need to manage your customers.