Subscription DNA Makes a Great IPTV Billing & Subscriber Management System

IPTV Billing & Subscription Management

If you’re looking for a good candidate for “understatement of the century,” we offer this as a humble suggestion: The Internet has changed the way people consume media forever.

This is true across all media, from news to telephone listings, but television and video content have seen some of the most striking shifts in recent years. Fewer people are watching TV with on traditional network or cable broadcasts. Instead more are relying on online, video-on-demand services like Netflix. Typically VOD services like Netflix or Hulu offer consumers considerable cost savings and the ultimate in flexibility – but at a cost. There’s no access to regular TV channels  or network programming. That’s why many are now turning to Internet Protocol television (IPTV) which offers a wide selection of programming on-demand, streamed through the Internet.

If you’re an IPTV service provider, you know better than anyone just how much demand for your services is increasing. How to can keep up with and ever-expanding customer base without sacrificing customer service or losing more and more sleep every week?

The answer is to automate as much as possible. That’s where billing and subscriber management systems like Subscription DNA come into play.

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5 Awesome Ways to Monetize Your Podcast

How to Monetize Your Podcast (1)

If you’re like most people these days, you probably listen to a fair number of podcasts. From commuting and doing chores to hitting the treadmill or blocking out co-workers at the office, there’s no shortage of opportunities to listen to a podcast on your favorite subject.

If you’ve got a little more hustle than most people, you’ve recognized that this is an enormous opportunity to start your own podcast and maybe make a little extra cash in the process. It won’t be easy, but it can definitely be done.

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Reducing Customer Churn: Understanding & Improving Your Churn Rate

Reducing Customer Churn- Understanding & Improving Your Churn Rate

For businesses that rely on a recurring or subscription service model, customer churn is a serious issue. Churn, or customer attrition, occurs when customers or subscribers cancel your service or let their subscriptions lapse – no small problem when one considers that the cost of generating new customers is five times that of retaining an old one.

All things considered, reducing churn rate (the percentage of total customers who drop off in a given time period) should be a major priority for anyone with a subscription service model.

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Get Awesome Gym Membership Management & Billing Software with Subscription DNA

Gym Membership Management & Billing -with Subscription DNA (1)

A lot gets made these days about the rise of the so-called “subscription economy,” and what that means for business owners in a variety of industries as diverse as groceries and toiletries. But one industry that’s been wise to the benefits of the subscription model for ages is gyms and other health clubs. People pay a monthly fee in exchange for access to the gym space. Easy!

If you run a gym or health club, you know that it has plenty of challenges as it is (finding the right clients, finding the right trainers, finding the right location). So the last thing you should have to worry about is membership tracking and billing. That’s where good gym membership management software comes in.

Luckily for you, Subscription DNA is a membership management platform that’s as tough as your biggest gym rats, and just as willing to do your business’s heavy lifting.

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How to Make & Monetize an Educational Website (Without Ads!)

An illustration of a teacher reading to a trio of scholars, meant to represent the the educational website experience.

Are you an expert in anything? Are you a master mechanic, Phoenician history buff, marketing whiz, expert cabinet maker, a gifted magician, classically-trained bassoon player, or a crackerjack with yo-yo tricks? Do you speak fluent Klingon?

Everyone has a passion, and if you want to know how to make yours into more than just a hobby by starting and monetizing your own educational website, keep reading.     

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