iSubscribe.TV has been substantially upgraded and is now available as Subscription DNA®

Cincinnati, Ohio, November 19, 2009 – Subscription DNA® has been released to the public with substantial upgrades over its predecessor, iSubscribe.TV. Subscription DNA® is web-based software that utilizes state-of-the-art architecture to increase business profitability through workflow automation.

Subscription DNA - Cloud Billing and Membership Platform

Businesses that thrive through online subscriptions are often bogged down by the exorbitant costs associated with managing member information, recurring billing, account administration and expiration, subscriber tracking and statistics and even authentication and security. Subscription DNA® was specifically designed to alleviate this seemingly black hole of energy and resources.

Using an industry leading suite of fully integrated applications, Subscription DNA® enables businesses to unify their membership subscriptions and user information into a central location, allowing for increased efficiency, improved employee productivity, optimized seller and partner transactions, and substantial cost savings.

Subscription DNA® easily integrates transparently into any web site or software application thanks to a flexible API and innovative member tools such as subscription polling, email blasts and customer portals. Subscription DNA® is also highly scalable and will adapt to fit businesses of any size.

For more information on Subscription DNA®, its features, availability, or to speak with a customer service rep regarding your specific needs, contact Kevin Coleman or