Do you market your services via webinar or instructional videos, sharing information with anyone interested in subscribing? Have you found yourself struggling to handle the administrative duties of the subscriptions, taking precious moments of your time away from your tasks?

Webinars and instructional videos have proven themselves to be wonderful ways of spreading information to those connected; yet like any other online marketing system, they require diligence on behalf of the owner to manage tasks such as billing, subscriptions, and the protection of content. Our platform, however, can simplify the process; in fact, with Subscription DNA, you can set aside these menial chores, and focus more on what’s important to you.

Benefits of Webinars and Instructional Videos

Truly the benefits of these types of videos cannot be overstated for those wishing to provide tutorials, education, or other types of information for a wide-spread audience. Unlike simple manuals, videos let the provider show the audience in real-time, which can be extremely useful in hands-on projects and tasks. Furthermore, webinars and instructional videos allow interested audience members to subscribe, as opposed to offering the information within free of cost. Here, this greatly benefits the provider, allowing him or her to receive compensation for his or her demonstrated skills.

Simplifying the Billing Process with Subscription DNA

Perhaps one of the most tedious yet time-consuming tasks associated with providing webinars or instructional videos involves billing those interested in joining. Without a comprehensive software managing this aspect, the group owner is left billing clients individually and routinely.

Enter Subscription DNA: this comprehensive platform affords webinar and instructional video group owners the opportunity to fully customize billing and payments. With Subscription DNA, viewers can submit secure one-time or routine payments, and in a variety of manners, from credit cards, to cash, to even Paypal. Furthermore, the group owner can set up customized payment schedules, add in taxes or setup fees, and delay billings to whenever necessary.

Manage Subscriptions and View Administrative Reports

Of course, the administrative duties of a group owner are not complete simply after billing has processed. To be sure, the owner is still responsible for adding and removing members as necessary, managing the overall nature of each subscription, and protecting assets behind the paywall. Furthermore, the owner may still be interested in viewing administrative reports to better understand the success of the videos, and react accordingly.

Again, group owners can rely on Subscription DNA to handle these tasks. Through this platform, the owner can add or remove members as he or she sees fit, and manage subscriptions, which is extremely useful if varying degrees of content exist in the videos that correspond to certain payment amounts. The platform also lets the owner view and respond to administrative reports, and, to protect information from being dispersed from one user, it incorporates varying levels of security, ensuring that only paying customers are granted access.

Spread the Word with Subscription DNA

Don’t let administrative duties cause your craft to suffer. Incorporate Subscription DNA into your webinar or instructional video services, and allow our platform to work for you.