Perhaps one of the most important tasks of any revenue-generating business owner is the billing of clients. Of course, without the products and services offered by the business, there would be no customers; in turn, without the gathering of revenue, the business would eventually cease to exist. And as any business owner knows, handling customer billing can be a tedious and time-consuming process, and is often best left to an automated software built to manage payments.

Unfortunately, not all billing software is created equally, with some lacking vital functions necessary for the automation of your payments. Instead of relying on technology that may falter, or that may not fully automate the billing process, consider utilizing Subscription DNA®, a cloud billing software with a host of functions that will ensure your satisfaction. In fact, Subscription DNA® utilizes the following billing functions and more, which can take your mind off collecting payments and let you focus on the growth of your business.

Customization of Payment Methods

Do your customers prefer to pay online using a credit card? Or would they rather process a one-time payment from a Paypal account? Or do some who mistrust Internet payments, and would rather send in their check or cash in the mail?  With Subscription DNA®, you can fully customize the methods of payment, from credit to cash or purchase orders, allowing your clients to pay for your services in any way they wish.

Auto-Invoice for Your Services

Setting frequent reminders to invoice your clients for services rendered can be a hassle, and can prevent you from focusing on other, more pressing matters related to your business. Implementing Subscription DNA®, however, can streamline this process; our technology allows you to send an invoice for your services to gather payment on any schedule that you would like.

Consolidate Transactions

In many cases, clients may have multiple purchases set to renew on a single day. And instead of demanding multiple payments for each individual subscription, Subscription DNA® can consolidate the purchases into a common transaction, providing a sense of efficiency for both you and your customers.

Utilization of the Virtual Terminal

Once customers settle on a purchase and head to check out, you can automatically process the checkout through Subscription DNA® to track the transaction in your account and pass along order description. The built-in Virtual Terminal can handle one-time charges and refunds, as well as add a check/cash transaction.  Process multiple subscriptions, as well as one-time purchases, and instantaneously offer a streamlined payment program for your members to enjoy.

Automate Subscription Benefits

Many businesses offer discounts to customers after a number of purchases, or lower subscription rates for clients who have shown loyalty for a given period of time. With Subscription DNA®, you can set a subscription rate for the first period, and set a recurring billing plan to charge your clients the lower rate in the period thereafter. And best of all, this subscriber benefit rate can be fully automated; set the recurring billing schedule in the beginning, and leave it be as it works on its pre-programmed routine.

Token Payments

Using tokenization security, Subscription DNA® offers protection of sensitive payment information of your clients through a host of major payment platforms. Thus, your clients can rest easy knowing that their payment information has not been stored in the system, a concern shared by consumers in today’s society.  The payment gateway

Depletion of Funds/Credit

DNA includes a crediting tool that calculates any potential pro-rated balance leftover from the user’s subscription period. That credit is then applied and discounted when upgrading their subscription, or towards any next auto-bill.  In addition, we also offer tools for those companies who require a pre-populate funding model. You can set a minimum amount to automatically process a card or send an invoice to the customer to replenish their balance.

Automate Your Billing Tasks with Subscription DNA®

Would you rather stress over picking the right software to automate your billing, or incorporate a user-friendly, efficient and streamlined technology into your business that will automate all of your billing needs? Don’t waste any more time on billing issues than necessary; consider implementing Subscription DNA® to fully automate your payment program.