Subscription services are gaining popularity today as the market seeks out new, convenient and fun ways to buy products and services. Also to quench their thirst to learn about new things that can enhance their lifestyles.

One recent report from Digitas took a closer look at the rate at which people are turning to subscription services and why they’ve become such an in-demand service for the market.

The new research, “The Subscriber’s Dilemma: From ‘More Please’ to ‘No Thanks,”  conducted by the Harris Poll for Digitas,  surveyed over 2,000 U.S. adults and found that among them, over 1,400  currently have active subscriptions services.

While these numbers are promising, there is another layer for brands to consider when it comes to providing value while beating out the competition.

Overcoming Challenges

Delivering just the right amount of communications and outreach, accurately and consistently billing for these services are a few of the hurdles brands face without the right tools in place.

As more companies jump on the subscription services bandwagon, it’s important that they create services and offer products that are must-haves if they want to draw in the number of subscribers needed to be successful.

The goal is to offer, “convenience, access, and perks that they feel they can’t live without,” according to the company.

The report also looked more closely at the types of subscription services consumers we’re gravitating toward and found that clothing and entertainment ranked high on the list for “must have services” with transportation and personal care subscription services failing to impress at this time.

As far as reasons consumers are choosing to subscribe, they noted validation from friends and peers about their subscription items was more important than gaining access to exclusive content when they choose a service.

Other telling information released as part of the study and of extreme importance for companies as they get started with their subscription services, is the fact that respondents said they prefer to receive communications from the subscription companies via email with many saying they’d prefer not to be contacted by a chatbot about the service.

Understanding the market and developing solutions and services that target get the right audience is key when building a subscription-based service.

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