Retailers and service providers have been seeking ways to preserve and build customer loyalty since the dawn of commerce. With the rise of the subscription economy in which customers – particularly younger customers – seek to pay for good and services on a month-to-month basis, the strategies of customer loyalty have changed somewhat.

All companies want long-term relationships with their customers, but it gets a bit more challenging when customers are paying month-to-month and can drop services at any time for a competitor. Today, subscriptions are about more than books and music but may involve groceries, clothing, personal care products, luxury goods, cars and more. Welcome to the “subscription economy.” While not all of these businesses will succeed, many will, and they’ll have one thing in common: excellent subscription-based customer support.

So, how do you keep customers willing to pay for your goods and services month after month to keep hold of that predictable revenue stream?

Add Value to Subscriptions

For starters, it’s not enough to provide just the goods or the services. Customers like to feel they’re part of a broader community.

“Services can improve their odds of success by offering upsells beyond the initial subscription,” wrote Patrick Seitz for Investors’ Business Daily. “The best subscription business puts a lot of focus on community building to make members feel like they’re part of a movement.”

Companies offering subscriptions need to build their marketing and outreach efforts around this idea of community. They’ll need a good subscription communications platform, as well as customized customer support capabilities, and marketing tools specifically designed for reaching out to subscribers. Your subscription management platform should also offer the ability to manage subscribers in common groups.

Put the Right Subscription Management Tools in Place

Subscription DNA’s subscription management software features group enrollment tools and group communications, email marketing automation, cloud billing automation and payments, intuitive membership management, CRM and premium content and paywall management.

With the ability to connect users into a subscriber group, companies can build the type of community that keeps subscription customers engaged, interested and – most importantly – loyal. Contact Subscription DNA to learn how you can not only attract more subscription customers but keep them loyal into the future!