Recurring Legal Billing Software from Subscription DNA

No one ever said running a small law firm is easy. Apart from the obvious challenges of signing new clients, working within increasingly complex legal environments, and winning cases, there’s also the day-to-day minutia of tasks like billing and management.

Large law firms may have the staff and resources to handle it all almost effortlessly, but for smaller firms juggling it all can be a true challenge.

Good legal billing software can make the difference between a clean, efficient billing process and hours of needless effort spent on data entry, manual invoicing, and other tedious tasks.

If you’re looking for the right tool to streamline your law firm’s billing processes, Subscription DNA can help. Building on a robust cloud-based billing platform, Subscription DNA’s team of developers offers flexible customization to meet your firm’s billing and invoicing needs.

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Have Clients on Retainer? Collect Monthly Retainer Fees with Recurring Billing from Subscription DNA

Subscription DNA’s flagship functionality is robust recurring cloud billing. Rather than sending out invoices, following up, making bank runs to deposit checks, and all the other annoyances that come with accounts receivable, let Subscription DNA bill your clients automatically.

Subscription DNA lets you bill on any schedule, with features for batched transactions, dunning management for failed billing, tax and fee setup, and more. Subscription DNA’s automated payment system also supports a variety of payment methods like credit cards, check, PayPal, and more.

One-Time Billing

Need one-time billing for a consultation or one-off service? Subscription DNA also offers powerful one-time billing tools through a built-in Virtual Terminal.

Get Peace of Mind from Subscription DNA’s Security Features

Data security is of the utmost importance. That’s why Subscription DNA features SSL and full encryption. Subscription DNA adheres to all relevant PCI Compliance standards, and utilizes data tokenization to ensure sensitive information is never stores directly on servers.

Offer Secure Subscriber Portals for Existing Clients

Give your clients the chance to manage their own account with our secure subscriber portals. Our secure portals give clients access to subscription information, account profiles, payment methods, transaction histories, and more.

Stay in Touch with Robust Communications Tools

Subscription DNA also helps to stay in touch with existing clients and nurture new leads with communication and management tools.

Customize email auto responders, run drip campaigns, keep track of CRM data, schedule automatic invoicing, and more.

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