woman lifting weights at gym

Gym memberships are often a joy of life, or a bane of existence, depending on who you speak to. How many of us (you don’t have to raise your hands) have had gym memberships that we never seem to get around to using? “I really need to go to the gym” is a common mantra, particularly after holidays noted for the consumption of large meals.

Tailor Gym Memberships for Real People

While it would be lovely if everyone had the willpower to do cardio and strength training four days a week like clockwork throughout the year, the truth is that people use gym memberships very cyclically. They may rev up in the new year only to fall back into couch potato mode by spring. They may wish to use the gym regularly before a wedding, high school reunion or beach vacation. They may wish to try a spinning class to see if they like it. They might be business travelers who’d like access to another gym location on trips. But flat subscriptions often don’t allow gym-goers to tailor their subscription to their needs. Maybe they should.

Consider a “Class Pass” Option

Specialty fitness programs such as spinning, yoga, cycling and boot camps, can be pricey (as much as $40 per class), and customers feel bad when they’ve paid for them but don’t end up using them. By offering gym members a “class pass” option to their gym subscription, they can pay for only what they use, ensuring that none of their money goes to waste. To boost gym member spending, you can even consider adding special deals for class passes (buy four classes, get one free.)

Offer Travelers Better Options

Many gym chains will allow subscribers to use their membership at any gym, but often for a steep monthly premium (as opposed to a membership centered around one club). For occasional travelers, this isn’t a cost-effective option. With a more flexible gym subscription, you can offer occasional travelers a limited number of visits to gyms in different locations to be used only when they need them.

Exercise-Specific Gym Subscriptions

Many gym members pay for their gym subscription for one reason only. Perhaps they only use the treadmill in bad weather. Maybe they only come for weight training and skip the cardio equipment. With a flexible subscription management platform, gyms can offer more limited subscriptions to gym-goers who resent having to pay for more than what they need. You can even add extra options to subscriptions such as towel usage, yoga mats or a smoothie after the workout, and bill for them only as they’re used.

Choose the Right Platform

A flexible subscription management platform can help businesses like gyms tailor subscriptions to subscribers’ needs. We provide all the tools you need to efficiently and affordably manage your subscription business, including billing, marketing, customer support and more. With our robust reporting tools, you can administer all aspects of your subscription business. Communicate with target user groups, quickly mine and analyze numerous reports, view transactions, send customizable email auto responses, track member login usage and statistics and much more.

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