Coffee Subscription Services on the Rise

Who doesn’t love a fresh cup o’Joe?!  For most early risers, nothing beats waking up in the morning with a fresh brew of coffee beans for a jump start to the day. During the COVID-19 shutdowns, many have had to scale back or even completely eliminate those early mornings and midday coffee runs to their favorite shop. Others have discovered that the same convenience and appeal of subscription services for many other things in life have now also made their way to the coffee business, and many have been taking advantage. 

According to reports, coffee subscription services have increased during the pandemic and quarantine. People not only are craving new flavors and blends, but they like the element of surprise in getting something new to try and also the ability to control when and how much they received and shipped right to their doorstep – no mask, gloves or public contact needed. 

Some of the fun theme coffee subscription services today include brews from around the world, brews aged in whiskey and bourbon barrels for a unique flavor, and even those that contribute profits to organizations like animal rescues and shelters. 

Subscription services are for far more than music streaming and movies today. People are signing up monthly curated boxes with fashion inside, food, snacks, and even automobile subscriptions. If you’re a company offering subscription services, be sure you have a billing platform that works for you. Subscription DNA provides reporting, billing and even communications tools to help your business succeed. 

Report: Telecom Cloud Billing Market to Surpass $10B by 2024

Cloud billing is a beneficial solution for any industry or business that needs to process invoice or bill clients. Not only does it save significantly on the cost to maintain or process the payments manually and in house, but there are also a plethora of advanced features made available to users- even start-ups that they likely wouldn’t have access to with traditional billing platforms.

In telecom, where the return on investment is critical and new communications technologies continue to emerge, it is especially critical that providers have a billing solution customers agree with and providers can utilize.

One recent report, “Global Telecom Cloud Billing Market 2020-2025” predicts that optimistic growth in the market will allow the market size to grow to $10490.0M by 2024.

Benefits that have helped the market to maintain growth over the last four years despite other market downturns include the ability to lower operational and administration costs and well as growing mobile subscriber rates and the increasing need for real-time billing and bundled services.

According to the report, the Telecom Cloud Billing market maintained an average annual growth rate of 0.154221197949 from $1545.0M in 2014 to $3165.0M in 2019.

Upcoming expansion in the market will be seen in areas such as the APAC region as the very large population in the area will see subscriber bases grow across telecom companies.

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Subscription Service Businesses See Holiday Season Boost

Subscription services have become a hot business. Today just about everything you can imagine from your weekly groceries to the car you drive can be attained with a subscription service. Most appealing about these services is the convenience, discovery and trendy possibilities they provide. For the 2019 holiday season, they were also a hotly requested item on most people’s wish lists.

According to reports, Cyber Monday, which was one of the biggest online shopping days in history – $9.2B in sales according to calculations by Adobe, also saw an increase in people signing up for subscription services.

Box-of-the-month and digital media streaming services topped this list of subscription services people are signing up for today and online courses came in a close third as what people are signing up to pay for monthly.

Giving these as gifts have become a popular choice because of the variety and personalization options possible. For those with beer lovers, foodies, or make-up junkies on their shopping lists, for example, there are a plethora of options to pay for a monthly or yearly delivery of curated boxes without having to do much else for the gift than to set-up the payment method.

For subscription service providers this increase can also be profitable for the overall business. Once a customer chooses to gift a subscription service or box to someone there is a likelihood they too will become customers and create additional profit for the company.

Choosing subscription services for holiday gifts this year was also interestingly followed by a change in payment options for subscription offerings. Many people were found to use payment solutions like PayPal to process their fees which shows an additional push for the ease and convenience that automated, all online commerce and solutions are continuing to have on consumer spending habits.

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Cloud Billing to Continue Steady Growth in 2023

The cloud billing market is increasing in popularity today for businesses across the globe. In addition to benefits such as improved security and mobility, users are using the services to meet compliance requirements and have access to modern business tools not offered with traditional billing software. 

According to the latest research findings, the cloud billing market is expected to reach  $23100 million USD by the end of 2023. This represents a CAGR of 23.9% from 2017. 

We won’t go into too much depth about how businesses can easily cut costs and simplify processes with cloud billing since we cover it in- depth in most of our blog posts, but we wanted to specifically cover the key features offered from Subscription DNA that provide a competitive advantage for businesses looking to make the move to the cloud. 

Our Subscription Cloud Billing Platform is designed specifically for the unique needs of subscription-based businesses. 

We understand that many of these are new start-up and small or growing businesses so we offer different package options to meet those needs. Factors including the number of subscribers, how much the subscription costs and other transaction agreements are used to ensure you’re getting the best cost for services. 

The great benefit of the cloud of course is that as you grow, your billing services can too.

We offer so much more than just a platform to process billing. You also get automation tools for sign-up, subscribing and expiring users of your services, you can set-up recurring billing, and have secure token payment options. 

You’ll also gain access to our reporting tools to quickly mine and analyze data, send out email auto responses, and more.

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Subscription Services News Round-up

subscription service

The subscription services market continues to grow rapidly across the globe and across industries. What started out mostly as a service for consuming online media content has transformed over time to include a myriad of different services and solutions that can be “subscribed” to. Today we’re seeing everything from monthly boxes curated with snack options to regularly replenished shaving razors and cars- yes even cars on subscription plans.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the latest headlines making news in the subscription services world.

Apple Announces Arcade Video Game Subscription Service

The official launch of Apple’s Arcade video game subscription service was announced during the iPhone 11 Keynote and it also showcased some new games that will be available once it’s live including Frogger, Ballistic Baseball, Pac-Man Party Royale and others. The subscription will be much like Xbox Game Pass and available for $4.99 a month to get access to games on any Apple device.

Google Answers with its Own Gaming Subscription Service

Just days after Apple introduced the above-mentioned gaming subscription service its rival Google responded with the launch of its own Google Play Pass gaming service that includes 350 games and apps for Android. As a $4.99 monthly subscription service, customers will get access to different games and apps for playing gaming to editing photos and more.

Volvo is updating its Existing Vehicle Subscription Service

The vehicle subscription service market is still new but automakers like Volvo are already tweaking and modifying their offerings to make it more appealing for consumers and dealers. Part of the updates includes the ability for consumers shopping a dealer lot to buy a car right there to begin the subscription program instead of having to wait for a specific order for the car. They are also adding more crossovers and wagons to the line-up in hopes to reach a wider demographic.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on all things subscription services. Be sure to check back and bookmark the blog. If you’d like to learn more about Subscription DNA and what we can provide to help with billing, invoicing management for subscription-based services, and more – get in touch today!