Subscription DNA plugin for WordPress

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Increasing customer loyalty through high customer satisfaction is the life blood of any company offering online services. Subscription DNA® is in tune with your needs.

Already a Subscription DNA® Client? Install our custom WordPress plugin! Once installed, you’ll first need to activate the plugin with your account name (TLD) and API Key.

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Are you using WordPress or considering building your solution using WordPress? We’ve built a plugin for client accounts of Subscription DNA®. Our plugin allows quick installation and setup of subscription signup and membership registration, customer login, and self-serve member accounting screens – all connected to your Subscription DNA account. This also serves as a payment wall so that when a user logs in, you can authenticate that user’s subscription to access your premium content. All the layout and user experience can be further edited to your liking by modifying the source code in the plugin’s custom folder so that any future plugin update will not overwrite your customizations. The plugin also includes a few unique and powerful tools that allow you create custom campaign signup forms, authenticate pages and posts and more.

I highly recommend your exceptional team for any size project. The quality of service provided to us along with true customer care is hard to find!

Combined with our flexible API, Subscription DNA® builds in enterprise strength solutions for your WordPress installation.

Subscription DNA® maintains customer accounts through an automated API that delivers information on-demand. Customers can easily access account billing, expiration and renewal information, account profiles, payment methods, transaction history, and more. Subscription DNA automates every aspect of your subscription business including the billing, subscribing and expiring, paywall authentication and so much more. The administrative console provides a rich and robust reporting toolset along with targeted communication tools, auto-responders, logs, exports, etc.

Basic Documentation

It’s always a good practice to backup your WordPress database and files.

  • Install and activate the Subscription DNA’s WordPress plugin.
  • Then generate the Subscription DNA default pages.
  • Add a menu from the newly created pages.
  • Review and modify the plugin configuration settings as needed.
  • Create packages in the DNA console to appear in your default subscription signup form.
  • Test an existing user login from your DNA account, or sign up as a subscriber to simulate the order.
  • Please Note: We provide hands-on help with integration (as needed) so that you can quickly test and refine your user experience.

Additional Features:

  • Mark any page, post or category as protected and limit by service.
  • Further control protection using Subscription DNA extended tools as needed.
  • Choose from a single page signup form or stepped form
  • Quickly build custom campaign signup forms
  • Track user/member activity and actual traffic footprints.
  • Optionally modify the plugin code to further suit using the customization architecture.
  • Professional and personal development team to help with any enhancements you might need.