Joomla Plugin for Recurring Billing & Membership Management

Increasing customer loyalty through high customer satisfaction is the life blood of any company offering online services. Subscription DNA® is in tune with your needs.

Already using Joomla or considering building your site using Joomla? We’ve built a Joomla plugin for client accounts of Subscription DNA®. If you’re using Joomla in your site or application, our plugin allows quick installation of membership registration, customer login and self-serve accounting tools, and member navigation into your site. Our platform quickly creates the subscription “checkout” form code you may copy and paste into your layout. Once subscribed, we create a payment wall to login or subscribe and allows you to lock down categories, individual posts or pages as well as optionally hides any pages from appearing in the main navigation. Of course all the provided files can be further edited to your liking by modifying the source code.

Combined with our flexible API, Subscription DNA® builds in enterprise strength solutions for your Joomla installation.

I highly recommend your exceptional team for any size project. The quality of service provided to us along with true customer care is hard to find!

Subscription DNA® maintains customer accounts through an automated API that delivers information on-demand. Customers can easily access account billing, expiration and renewal information, account profiles, payment methods, transaction history, and more.