10 Best Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

A man with his head face-down on a desk, surrounded by a clock, laptop computer, and calendar.

Running a small business is hard. Between administration, managing employees, marketing, chasing leads, taking care of clients, managing your web presence, and the myriad other activities that are necessary for business owners in the 21st Century, there’s hardly any time left to actually do whatever it is you started your business to do!

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do about being busy. As a small business owner you’re always going to have a pretty packed schedule – at least until you reach the level of success where you can pay other people to do the heavy lifting for you. The best you can do is make sure your time is well-managed, so you can pack as much productivity into the time you have as possible.

Here are our favorite time management tips for small business owners. Hopefully they’ll help you and your business thrive through even the most hectic of working days.

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What are the Benefits of the Subscription Business Model & Subscription Billing?

A person using an online subscription service on their laptop.If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or even a creative freelancer you’ve got two basic options when it comes to bringing in revenue from your customers and clients: charge by the service or product or work out a subscription billing model. The former might sound simpler and easier to sell, but there are numerous advantages to subscription business models – for you and your customers alike.

If this weren’t the case, why would subscription-based businesses be booming right now? Netflix has replaced Blockbuster; Dollar Shave Club has cut into the profits of the corner drug store; waiting for Blue Apron to deliver has become the new grocery shopping; even the e-commerce world has plunged into the subscription game with Amazon’s well-publicized Prime service.

But why is this the case? What are the benefits of the subscription business model? Let’s take a closer look.

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