If you ask any consumer today who has convenience as their top priority, the subscription services industry is the best thing that’s happened to meet their needs and desires when it comes to purchasing goods. Today everything from clothing to music, food and even cars can be purchased through no-hassle subscription plans.

Why Subscription Services Are So Hot

For consumers, it’s all about saving money and time and as an added benefit, discovering personalized products they might never have discovered.  For retailers, benefits include the ability to gather key data about their products and what to offer to the market, as well as the ability to increase brand awareness and engagement and open new potential avenues for growth.

Retail Market Heats Up

In the retail industry, which has been a leading source for subscription services, more companies are turning to the option. Well-known clothing brand American Eagle, which closed a number of brick-and-mortar stores back in 2017, has now announced a subscription service targeted at Gen-Z shoppers. This new emerging power customer is more concerned with being responsible for their footprint and moving away from the quickly disposable fashions that have become so popular. Called, “Style Drop,” the service allows online shoppers to create a virtual online wardrobe that’s shared with other online users. They keep what’s sent to them or send it back. The company is still testing the service and will add and adjust features as they learn more about what shoppers want.

Shoe giant Foot Locker is also grabbing a foothold in the market and recently invested in Rockets of Awesome, a clothing subscription service for kids that has grabbed the attention of celebrities and other backers. Targeting the pain points of busy mothers and kids who quickly outgrow clothing and shoes, the brand is changing the game for how to shop for children.

Subscription Billing Software

Subscription DNA’s subscription billing software makes it possible to accept payments from credit cards, checks, purchase orders, and even processors like PayPal. They also help brands move forward in their customer engagement and branding strategies by offering membership management features like drip marketing, CRM and registration tools as well as subscriber portals, paywall functionality, and much more.

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