TESTIMONIAL: NickEducation.com – 24/7 Online Video Education by Top Industry Educators


“After hiring a well advertised and seemingly reputable company to provide us with a membership management system, we began NickEducation.com in 2008.

One month after their system was in place, it began to fail. Members who had cancelled were rebilled, members who were due to be rebilled were not and other members were randomly removed from the database altogether. The entire monetary back-end of our site was becoming more unstable by the day. I began to rebill and track new members and rebilling manually, which was a nearly impossible task.

After scouring the internet, now more confused than ever about who to hire and after making dozens of phone calls, I found Atlas Design + Technology. After speaking with the owner of the company, Kevin Coleman, I quickly hired them based upon his in-depth knowledge, straightforward conversation and an extensive tour of their membership system, Subscription DNA.

Seamlessly and on time and budget, we contracted with Subscription DNA. We hired Atlas to redesign our site for optimum performance, and implement the Subscription DNA platform. They even helped import all of our existing members into their database and put our business back on track with a flexible and truly dynamic, automated back-end.

To date, Kevin has far exceeded our expectations with a flawless membership login and rebilling system, superior web development, unmatched customer service and a personal trustworthiness that seems almost impossible to find nowadays.

Without our relationship with Kevin, we would not have the successful membership business that we have today. I strongly recommend him to anyone!”

Warm Regards,
Todd B., Operations Mgr

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