All In One Recycling serves Rutherford County, Tennessee

All In One Recycling

After putting together the business plan, receiving the truck and recycling carts we were ready to find a company to handle our billing. This turned out to be the most complicated part of starting the business. We needed auto-billing, sounds simple right? WRONG!

All in One Recycling has customers that pay for a year and customers that pay month-to-month, some customers pay by check and some pay by credit card. However, the biggest problem we ran into was finding a company that would let us capture the customers billing information without charging them as soon as they submitted the sign-up form. After a customer signs-up with us we still have to deliver their recycling cart and add them to one of our routes. We cannot charge them until all this happens. As we made phone calls and sent inquiries to every billing company we came across (we talked to more than 27!), one finally said, “YES we can do that”.

That person was Kevin Coleman and that company was Subscription DNA. Kevin worked with us to customize our billing platform and made it very simple for us to operate. Our billing could not be any easier to track and keep up with. The best thing about Subscription DNA is the pricing tier they use, they grow as you grow so it’s a win-win situation.

After closing the deal with Subscription DNA we inquired about web design and hosting for our website. Kevin does that too! It is great to have all of our billing, website design and website hosting all in one place. It is like having your own personal IT guy working for you.

It has been nothing less than perfect since we started using Subscription DNA and Atlas Design + Technology. I would recommend them to anyone and can never imagine us using anybody else.”

Jeremy Harrison, Owner

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